Dell Support

CLIENT: Dell provides and supports a wide range of computer systems and services including enterprise systems (servers, storage, workstations and networking products) that are critical to business customers’ operations.

CHALLENGE: The majority of support organisations run “product-based” troubleshooting operations that are contingent on an expert’s knowledge of the product coupled with experience, common sense, and access to data. However, if knowledge lags due to rapid changes in technology or conflicting products and platforms, or if a problem occurs for the first time, this approach can fail and lead to inconsistent service, expensive escalations, and dissatisfied customers. To stay ahead of the curve, Dell sought a troubleshooting standard for enterprise systems support that would help deliver consistent, affordable support and rapid issue resolution.

SOLUTION: Dell chose KT Resolve®, a systematic approach to customer support that has been cited by ITIL as best-practice for problem management. To improve troubleshooting and control the cost of resolving highly complex issues, KT collaborated with Dell to embed the troubleshooting approach through training, coaching, and business process integration. Now KT’s common-language, common-process troubleshooting provides a uniform problem-documentation standard that makes troubleshooting transparent and enables seamless problem transfers and escalations. Dell Support uses the methodology to channel and reduce data to problem-relevant information, enhance critical thinking, and improve the way problems are managed and resolved, even those that have never been experienced before.

RESULTS: The new approach facilitates problem transfers at the interfaces, accelerating issue resolution and minimising redundant inquiries. The ability to resolve highly complex problems by focusing on the relevant data has decreased problem escalations throughout the support organisation. This is enhanced by “triggers” that rapidly escalate critical problems to the right people.

“Since we started using KT to improve our problem-solving operations, we have cut our costs by a six-digit figure.”

-- Ulrich Tews, Dell Technical Escalation Manager